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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

Living, Learning, Laughing

Welcome everyone to our brand-new half-term newsletter which will be packed with all the wonderful, creative and enjoyable experiences the children in Purple, Lavender and Lilac Class have been taking part in this half-term. 

Autumn 1

When the children arrived back after the summer break, we began as usual by settling the children into the routines of school, mixing with their friends and supporting them for weeks ahead. 

In the fist week, children had the opportunity to share their thoughts on our class charter and what everyone could do to make sure we were embracing our school commitments of learning, feeling safe and respected. Each class also voted for two representatives for our school council who attend weekly meetings about how we can improve the school. The children created bookmarks, voted for their very own class book and thought about what aspirations they had for the upcoming year. Purple Class where also the lucky ones that began weekly swimming lessons every Thursday. Lilac Class will begin after Christmas and then Lavender Class finally after the Easter holidays. Each class swims for a full term each. We also found time for the children to show off their times tables knowledge, writing skills and relax with some mindfulness colouring. 

The weeks are always jam-packed with lots of fun, hard-work and learning. Some highlights of the term so far are shared below from our children:

In music, the children have been using music from ABBA within their lessons. 

"I love music - Mama Mia is stuck in my head - I sing it all the time."

We have been studying how Britain changed with the invasion of the Romans

"It has been so fascinating to learn about the Romans." 

The children also mentioned how they love art and have continued with the wonderful art activities they did to celebrate Miss Ames.

"I love pointillism. I went home and made a garden and flowers. I also made daisy chains with my family!"

Maths and computing were another highlight so far - pretty much all the children spoke positively about it. In maths, we have been focusing on place value and addition. Computing, the children have continued with coding. 

"I love maths. When I was in reception I felt like I didn't know much. Now as I move up the school I am learning more and more. It's interesting and fun!"

"Computing is just fun."

 English has allowed us to use the Write Stuff to explore the video short of Feast. If you speak to any of the children, everyone will smile when they think of Winston and the journey he went on from being a lonely pup on the street to being part of a happy family with lots of food along the way. We then began our second text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as an experience day of sweets and chocolate tasting. 

"Are we reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today?"

Breaks and lunchtimes have been noted as another particular highlight from the children, in particular the equipment from OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) and more recently the weekly reading café on a Tuesday lunchtime. 

"We love OPAL. There are so many things to play with."

"I also enjoy tidying up at the end!"

"The book café is wonderful. You can just go there and read and relax with your friends!"