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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

Living, Learning, Laughing

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Autumn 1 

Hello and welcome to Year 3's Autumn 1 - Newsletter, 

The children have begun the new academic year and as usual this term has been all about
re-introducing the children to the schools expectations and allowing them to settle in after the Summer break. The year has started off with well-being activities, developing routine, revisiting the Beavers school values and behaviours to support them throughout the year. In the first week, the children created their very own class charter, learnt about our value of RESPECT, signed up to jobs/responsibilities in class and around the school and organised themselves and their learning space in the classroom. 

What have we been learning this term? 
English - Read the book The Star in the Jar by Sam Hay. About a young boy who found a star whilst searching for treasure and looks after it, until returning the star back to the sky.

Maths - Developing their Number and Place Value skills, using addition and subtraction methods to work out calculations mentally and through the written column method. 
Science - Understanding and identifying sources of light and learning about how shadows are made. We conducted an investigation to find out how shadows change depending on where the source of light is positioned.

History - Going back in time to The Stone Age and learning about what life was like for Hunter-gatherers in comparison to present day. 

Geography - Looking at our local area (Hounslow) and using map skills to identify key businesses, schools, parks and transport links. 

French - Learning the alphabet with a fantastic and catchy song and being able to have a basic conversation/greeting one another.