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Beavers Community Primary School

Beavers Community Primary School

Living, Learning, Laughing

Our School

Welcome to our school

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The Adobe Huts

"The Adobe Huts are very large and are used as outside classrooms.  They are good because you can't hear the airplanes." 

The Garden of Tranquillity

"At Beavers we have a very special Garden called the Garden on Tranquillity.  The garden is very peaceful and quiet, perfect for reading."  

 Conservation Area

"There are frogs that make funny croaking noises. Sometimes you can see them jump next to your foot. You can walk around the bushes and the pond. You can see all sorts of wildlife like tadpoles, frogspawn, lilies and grasshoppers."

Our Playground

"We love the climbing frame."

 Our Library 

"The library has a wide variety of genres and many amazing books from many different authors. The library is a wonderful place."  

 Our Halls 

"Our hall has a piano and giant stage that transforms into a theatre with spotlights.  It is also used for P.E. and has ropes and lots of other climbing apparatus."
"The lunch hall is where we eat.  The dishes on the menu are very healthy and delicious."